The Power of the Promise Part 2

The Apostle Paul said in the ages to come we would see the immeasurable, limitless, surpassing greatness of God’s favor. That’s the day you are living in. I want you to get your hopes up. I want you to enlarge your vision. What God has for you in your future is greater than anything that’s happened in your past. The people He will bring across your path and give you favor with, the opportunities, the gifts you will discover on the inside. You are going to look back one day. Where God is going to take you will not only amaze you, it’s going to amaze the people around you.

The Old Testament God said to the critics and naysayers, “I will do a work in your day that you would not even believe if I told you.” God was saying to the unbelievers, “Even if I spelled it out and wrote down all the incredible things I am going to do for my people, all the doors I am going to open, all the blessings I am going to release, even if I explained it plainly and in great detail, you would still say, “No way! That’s impossible; it’s never going to happen.”

If some of the people I grew up with in elementary and in junior high when I was bagging groceries from 7 to 11 and waxing floors Friday and Saturday nights, or picking tobacco in the hot blistering sun, if I had told them what God was going to do in my life, they would have said, “No way! It’s impossible.” That I would be living a life that honor’s God, having the favor and blessings of God, they would have said, “You’ve got to be kidding.

That’s precisely what they’ve said about you, “No way! There’s no way he’s going to serve the Lord…she’s going to serve the Lord.”  But you are. Yeah, they would have said, “I know him. There is no way in this world that he is going to be a preacher; he’s going to be a man of God. He’s going to be a prophet to the nations.” But God says, “Yes. I know the plan I have for you to give you a future and a hope.” He’s planned your days for good and not evil. He’s going to amaze you.

If some of the people who looked down on you and made you feel inferior, that tried to intimidate you could see you now, strong, confident, a leader, excelling in your profession, they would think, “That couldn’t be the same person.” They would ask, “What in the world happened?” Here’s what happened: You came into agreement with God and His Word. He released His favor in amazing ways in your life…The oil of joy for the spirit of heaviness; a commanded blessing; an Aaronic anointing.

You may be around people right now who are real good at telling you what you can’t do, and what you’re not. They are quick to remind you of all your impossibilities. Don’t let them talk you out of your dreams and inheritance. They don’t determine your destiny – God does. If you will stay in faith, one day they will stand in amazement at where God takes you.

They will say, “Is that the same young man I went to school with or the same young lady who is now running the company? Is that the same one who struggled with addictions who is now delivering people? You mean to tell me he’s not only totally free, but he’s helping others get free. Is that the same family that was living in that little trailer? Now they are blessed and prosperous and are blessing a multitude through their words, their lives?”

Where God is going to take you will amaze your critics and naysayers. They say, “No, no, that’s just too good to be true.”

Don’t let their unbelief keep you from believing. Come into agreement with God. When you believe, all things are possible.

Paul prayed in Ephesians 1:18: “The eyes of our heart would be enlightened – flooded with light – so that we can understand the wonderful future God has in store for us.” Some of you think you’ve reached your limits. God’s been good to you – you’re happy and blessed. But no, get ready. God’s about to release His unprecedented favor. Your relatives, co-workers, friends, and even your own mind may try to talk you out of it. Listen! God didn’t put the promises then – He put them in you.

If you will keep believing, not only will God bring it to pass, He will do more than you could ever ask or think. Abraham and Sarah didn’t allow other people to talk them out of the promise God gave them – even though it looked impossible in the natural. Twenty years later, when Sarah was 90 years old, she looked at little Isaac and said,Who would have thought an old woman like me could give birth to this beautiful baby?”

In your future, there are some “who would have thought” moments. Who would have thought I would have my best years after 60? Or 50? Or 40?  Who would have thought a little abused Jewish boy – rejected, alone, with a speech impediment and stomach ulcer – would be a prophet to the nations?

Get ready. There are “who would have thought” moments in your future. What would have happened to me had I not believed I would see the goodness of God? Believe that God has amazing things in your future. Believe that you can rise higher and become all God created you to be.

Incredible power is released when we believe. Even though it looks impossible and we don’t see a way, we can say, “Father, I want to thank you for the immeasurable, limitless, surpassing greatness of your power. I know it’s at work in my life right now.” When we activate our faith like that, it allows God to do amazing things.

Everything that has your name on it is coming in – that business is coming in – that health with your name on it is coming in – that child is coming in – that dream is coming in – that baby with your name on it is coming in. When the soil of your heart is fertile, when there is expectancy on the inside of you, when you hear that promise, you will rise up in faith and declare to your mountain just how big your God is.

Carolyn knew my testimony. She believed God for a son – for an Isaac for me. The Lord gave that mighty man of God. She named him Michael David II. I cut the cord and dedicated him with tears running down my face. I had to go to the judge to get my name changed.

I am asking you to activate your faith. Think of all the reasons why it will happen. I can give you 8,000 reasons from the most power promises in God’s Word. You are a believer, not a doubter. Let the seed take root. God is about to release a new level of His favor in your life. God is going to give you the desires of your heart. Those promises you’ve been standing on for years are about to come to fulfillment. That situation that has been stuck at the same level for a long time, you are about to see a breakthrough in the life of that child – in the life of that business – in the life of that relationship – in the life of your finances – your health.

There is increase and promotion in your future as of which you’ve never dreamed. God said to me when my car was stolen with everything I owned inside and I walked through the snow in south Philadelphia in 1966 with $3.25 in my pocket on Christmas day, “Your eyes have not seen, your ears have not heard, it’s not even entered into your spirit the things I have prepared for you, but I will reveal them to you by my Holy Spirit.”

It’s not going to happen in an ordinary – the way you have planned. It’s going to happen in an extraordinary way so that you will know it’s the hand of God. This is the generation that will usher in the return of our Lord and Savior. This is the greater works generation: “Greater works than I have done shall you do because I go unto my Father.” When you know what God’s Word says and that Word is bubbling in your spirit, you don’t need five confirmations. You just need to get into agreement with the Word of God. Faith will be released when you believe.

God put it in my spirit at 11 when He appeared to me that He would use me to touch the nation of Israel and the nations of the world. I kept that in my spirit. When my father cursed me as I left to join the Army, I kept that in my spirit. When my best friend, whose dog tag number was one different than mine, was killed and I buried him, I kept that in my spirit. When I was robbed, I kept that in my spirit. As I am standing here looking at you, I’m living the dream God put in my spirit at 11. I couldn’t talk to one person without lowering my head. I allowed the promise of God to take root. What would have become of me had I not believed? There is something worse than dope pushers; it’s doubt-pushers. You have no idea where God is going to take you.

I pray that the anointing of the Holy Spirit would be exceeding, abundantly, above all that you could ask or think; that the transforming touch of God – the power of the Word would be on your life today. One Word from God can change your life forever. He told me He would. Take the limits off God today. It’s your own thinking and mine that keeps us from receiving God’s best.

My prayer is that your heart is being flooded with faith so you can receive the amazing thing God has in your future. Get ready for increase – for new doors to open. Proverbs 13:21 is for you: “Trouble chases sinners; but blessings chase the righteous.” You are being chased by God’s blessings, by His goodness and mercy, His favor. Divine connections are coming your way. Because you are living a life that honors God, He will amaze you with His goodness. God will give you favor with people you’ve never dreamed of. He’s going to take you places your critics never believed possible. God will restore impossible situations. He is going to bring back to life dead dreams, health problems, or legal situations. God will give you the desires of your heart if you receive it, then shout “AMEN!”

God’s word says he that endures – or remains under the Word – to the end shall be saved. We can look around and see that the wheels of time are beginning to smoke on their axles. At any moment God could say, “Time will be no more.” You and I have an appointment with destiny that will be kept. Soon, we will look into the Eastern sky and witness the single greatest event in the history of mankind.

We will see a nail-scarred hand reaching through the darkness of a thousand midnights as the celestial spotlight of heaven shines on the blood-washed throng – the redeemed – awaiting Christ’s return. In the twinkling of an eye (and someone has calculated there at twenty twinkles to a blink), you will be enveloped by a light brighter than the light that struck the apostle Paul on the road to Damascus. You will see the lightning flash and hear the south of the Archangel. A heavenly choir will thunder praises to the returning King. The trumpet will sound and the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the eternal Prince of Peace, will suddenly appear.

Marble mausoleums will rip asunder like tissue paper and every grave on earth that holds the remains of the righteous will split open. Decaying bodies will be changed and gravity will lose its hold as resurrected saints soar into the heavenlies to meet the Savior in the air. In your glorified body, you will enter the pearly gates of heaven to be welcomed by the cheers of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. You will see Moses who stretched forth his hand to divide the sea for the children of Israel; John the Revelator who was exiled to Patmos where he saw the Lord. You will meet praying grandparents, moms, dads, and children who have gone before.

And then, you will walk down the streets of gold only to fall at the feet of the throne of Him who rules heaven and earth. Praises will rumble through the halls of heaven as the Father says, “’Well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord” Matthew 25:21.

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