The Final Move Beyond Iraq: The Final Solution While the World Sleeps

An Islamic revolution is on the brink of becoming America’s greatest threat since the Civil War. In light of recent Paris attacks by ISIS, few would doubt the veracity of such a statement.

The people of Paris have experienced the worst attack since World War II. Even as the terrorist attacks were playing out across the city on Friday evening, the United States was carrying out an air strike planned days in advance against the leaders of the Islamic State in Libya. The massacre in Paris followed bombings in Beirut, Lebanon and the downing of a Russian passenger jet over Egypt—all claimed by the Islamic State. It was an eerie reminder of the attacks experienced by the United States in the decade before 9-11: The USS Cole in Yemen, U.S. embassies in Saudi Arabia, Kenya and Tanzania, and in the plaza across from the embassy in Manila, Philippines.

The death toll in the Paris attacks currently stands at 129 with 352 wounded by demon-possessed, suicide vest clad terrorists. In 2007 while visiting Iraq as the result of a state invitation by President Masoud Barzani of Kurdistan, I wrote The Final Move Beyond Iraq. At the time, I predicted that an Islamic caliphate would be birthed from the ashes of Iraq. It would have, I wrote, an apocalyptic obsession. The secular Liberal Left elite media that refused to say the words “radical Islam” mocked me.

The painful reality is that radical Islam’s number one enemy is not France, but the United States. What occurred in Paris should be a wake-up call from hell for every God-fearing American. How is it possible that the President of the United States would talk about  bringing more than10,000 Syrian refugees into the country, knowing it is highly likely that some of those men and women could very well be ISIS sympathizers? The reason is this: at the heart of liberalism is the belief that evil really doesn’t even exist, people are basically good, and thus individuals can’t be held accountable for the wrong they do.

The Liberal Left belief is that rather than declaring war on radical Islam, it is better just to talk with people since we are basically all the same and are reasonable at heart. Rather than believing that those who wage war against us are evil, President Obama holds the view that Americans are evil for retaliating, or worse, preemptively striking to prevent a sure danger to regional or world security. In his worldview, self-loathing has replaced righteous indignation and begets appeasement.

Mr. Obama’s desire to negotiate and show tolerance regardless of the cost is killing the soul of America. His belief is one of passivism, and that terrorist attacks are punishment for our past sins. Thus, the “we have met the enemy and he is us” attitude replaces an effective response with pacification.

The absence of an impressive Islamist military machine gives the Liberal Left a feeling of disdain that the enemy is not a worthy opponent. Tell that to the box-cutter wielding men who attacked the U.S. on 9-11. America was the target of radical Islam because it is thought to be a Christian nation; no other reason. The Liberal Left refuses to acknowledge that.

In 1978 Alexander Solzhenitsyn addressed the graduates at Harvard. His speech was entitled, “A World Split Apart.” In it he said, “Having undermined her moral values, America has lost her courage to confront evil in the world.” He characterized the current conflict on our planet as a physical and spiritual war that has already begun.

One hundred million people died in the twentieth century under a totalitarian regime simply because the world refused to act with moral clarity. In The Preface to the Gathering Storm, Volume One of his World War II memoirs, Winston Churchill wrote that when President Roosevelt asked for suggestions as to what the war should be called, Churchill replied, “The Unnecessary War…there never was a war more easy to stop.” The prime minister had watched his predecessor Neville Chamberlain, best known for his appeasement policies, stand in the way of the most crucial and clearly necessary defensive expenditures year-after-year. It was Chamberlain who signed the Munich Agreement that gifted Adolf Hitler with part of Czechoslovakia in 1938.

Winston Churchill said that the world lacked the “democratic courage, intellectual honesty, and willingness to act” to stopping Hitler’s war machine in 1938. If they had, 61 million people would not have died in concentration camps and on the battlefields during World War II.

The world is again faced with standing up to an entity whose sole determination is to slaughter infidels. Simply translated, that means anyone who dares disagree with them or their hateful philosophy.

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