Spirit Wars

Unfounded rumors regarding an Israeli takeover of the Temple Mount have sparked a new wave of terror attacks in Israel, both inside and outside Jerusalem. Such inaccurate information was exacerbated when Palestinian Authority president, Mahmoud Abbas, erroneously claimed that a 13-year-old Palestinian child had been “executed” by the Israeli police. The truth is much less likely to add fuel to the fire ignited by the PA: The boy is in an Israeli hospital being treated for injuries received when he joined others in an attack on a Jewish boy. Abbas made his baseless claims in a speech directed at his constituents, its purpose solely to spread what Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu labeled “lies and incitement.”

In a statement Thursday, Netanyahu said:

We expect all our friends, and anyone concerned with the facts and the truth, to look at these facts to see the truth and not to draw false symmetry between Israeli citizens and those who’d stab them and knife them to death.

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin responded to the incident and Abbas’ rhetoric by saying, “You can’t turn a murderer into a victim and blame the victim [Israel] that he tried to protect himself.”

In his address to the United Nations General Assembly last month, Abbas continued to recite the Islamic party line regarding Israel’s inequities. He said:

Settlement activities embody the core of the policy of colonial military occupation of the land of the Palestinian people and all of the brutality of aggression and racial discrimination against our people that this policy entails.  This policy, which constitutes a breach of international humanitarian law and United Nations resolutions, is the primary cause for the failure of the peace process, the collapse of dozens of opportunities, and the burial of the great hopes that arose from the signing of the Declaration of Principles in 1993 between the Palestine Liberation Organization and Israel to achieve a just peace that would begin a new era for our region.

What neither he nor the Liberal Left seem to grasp is that decades of terror attacks and jihadist strikes against Israel have necessitated the Israeli response. Israel is waging a new kind of war—a spirit war where demons do not have to clear customs. Israeli Arab children gamed by mad mullahs have found a way to penetrate Israel’s soft, moral underbelly. Into the midst of this latest round of violence comes an impromptu trip by Secretary of State John Kerry. Mr. Kerry, in an address at Harvard University Tuesday night, seemed only to reiterate what Abbas had said. Kerry opined:

What’s happening is that, unless we get going, a two-state solution could conceivably be stolen from everybody. And there’s been a massive increase in settlements over the course of the last years, and now you have this violence because there’s a frustration that is growing.

State Department spokesperson John Kirby added an incendiary statement regarding Israel’s response to the latest attacks when he pronounced Israel guilty of terrorism. Elliott Abrams, a former national security adviser to Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush has been critical of what he sees as Kerry’s promotion of fabricated assessments of Israeli policies.

Irish philosopher Edmund Burke said, “All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” Instead of supporting Israel as our only reliable ally in the Middle East, the Obama administration has chosen to do nothing positive to change the erroneous world view as purported by Abbas and Kerry. While Americans have rejoiced over the break-up of the former Soviet Union, that has now been overshadowed by Russian President Vladimir Putin who is busily working to resurrect the dried bones of a once-dead empire. It appears he will be successful while the White House sits on the sidelines and wrings its collective hands.

Russia invaded parts of the Ukraine in an attempt to re-annex land formerly under Soviet control. In recent weeks, Putin has come to the aid of Bashar al Assad in Syria, targeting the rebels fighting against Assad’s brutal regime rather than the Islamic State. Hundreds of Iranian Revolutionary Guard troops have joined the Russians, presumably for a ground assault to bolster the Syrian leader’s grip. Now, Cuba, the country that President Barack Obama recently removed from the terrorist list has sent troops to Syria. It is believed that the Cubans will take up positions in the fray as experts in the use of Russian-made tanks.

Jaime Suchlicki, executive director of the University of Miami’s Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies said of Russia’s infusion of Cuban troops into Syria, “The Russians have been training the Cubans for years and supplying them with all sorts of military equipment.”

The United States of America faces a crisis of moral clarity. It appears that the dumbing down of America is well underway, and all in the name of political correctness and the new godless globalism. The Liberal Left has a difficult time seeing moral issues clearly because many reject absolute standards of good and evil or right and wrong. In their worldview, man is capable of perfection, human nature is on a path towards enlightenment, and the concept of original sin is primitive. The liberal Left is more concerned about the humpback whale and the spotted owl than in winning the war on terror. They have no moral code, and therefore, no criteria by which to identify the real enemy.

At the heart of liberalism is a belief that evil really doesn’t exist; people are basically good, and thus individuals can’t really be held accountable for the wrong they do. The liberal tactic is that it is better just to talk with people, rather than bringing criminals to justice or fighting to stop those committing crimes against humanity.

In the eyes of the Liberal Left, those who blow up Jews are driven to such acts because of injustice. The victims of these crimes are seen as the source of the problem; and the perpetrators are seen as innocent and exploited. Those same humanists believe the lie that bad acts must be blamed on society, or on psychological or economic circumstances. Moral relativists despise those who grasp the nature of evil. Victims are demonized and murderers are glorified.

Every segment of American society has been penetrated by this liberal influence – arts, education, media, government, and etc.  Partisan politics has been elevated above national security, while the liberal media has adopted the word “insurgent” to define the terrorists in Iraq, Iran or Lebanon.  The word means “a political activist who is not necessarily defiant.”  This term was coined by Daniel Webster during the American Revolution to describe such men as Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington; men who fought for freedom from oppression, not for the right to oppress.  Now, the fanatical Islamic suicide bomber is no longer a “terrorist,” but rather a misunderstood and maligned “insurgent.”

Unfortunately, the approach of the Obama administration toward terrorism has been one of appeasement, of failure to label terrorists for what they are: murderous fanatics. Has our nation become the frog in the pot of cold water, oblivious to the fire beneath until it is too late? Did Americans elect and then re-elect a president so complacent that when the Middle East erupts in flames, we will be forced to give in without a fight? Will the administration continue the practice of kowtowing to the enemy rather than supporting its allies?


Mike Evans is the author of The Columbus Code, his latest novel. It is available online and at booksellers.


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