Crime Pays

The calm of a Wednesday afternoon in an upscale restaurant at the Sarona Market in Tel Aviv was shattered by the sound of gunfire. Two well-dressed men rose determinedly from the table at which they sat and opened fire on the unsuspecting patrons killing four and seriously wounding five others. One of the two perpetrators was shot by the police and taken to a local hospital; the other was taken into custody.

According to news sources, the two men were Palestinian cousins from Yata in the West Bank, and both individuals were known to police agencies. The two apparently had no fear as they calmly targeted the diners who sat across the street from Israel’s military headquarters in Tel Aviv. One of the individuals who fled from the scene later related that the two Palestinians had a “cold, calm look on their faces as they fired everywhere.”

The direct result of demon-possessed rhetoric from mosques, madrassas, and mullahs has produced a plague of attacks against Israel, further evidence that those engaged in terrorism have come to believe that crime pays. That belief is with good reason: Treasuries from the European Union to Iran to the United States have infused hundreds of millions of dollars into the coffers of Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian Authority, and Hamas. Support for the terrorist groups that surround Israel has allowed them to achieve economic and ideological autonomy.

The media often try to make us believe that terrorism in Israel is the fault solely of the Israeli refusal to give away more land for peace. The Palestinians are painted as victims, thus only victims are morally entitled to whatever they can wrest away from others by any means. Consequently, only those infidels who align themselves with the so-called victims are worthy of consideration. It is, therefore, better and more advantageous to be a victim. Terror demands, not a forceful response, but an apology for past unforgiven sins against the “victim.” Too many times we have seen U.S. leaders apologize to those who have wronged both Israel and Western countries.

It is time not only for Israel to recalibrate her moral compass, but for world leaders to stop and rethink their unilateral support for fanatical extremists whose only focus is to obliterate the State of Israel. The moment has arrived when the concept that evil really doesn’t exist; that people are basically good and thus individuals can’t really be held accountable for the wrong they do be examined under the harsh light of reality. Islamic infidels have one aim: To destroy Israel and then turn their focus to the Western world.

The liberal belief that it is better just to talk with people, rather than bringing criminals to justice or fighting to stop those committing crimes against humanity is fundamentally wrong. Those countries that fuel and feed terrorism, committing deadly attacks against Israel, have been allowed to go unpunished. It is time for that to stop, and time for the world to firmly stand behind Israel.

The truth is, anti-Semitism is alive and well on planet Earth. Nothing has assuaged that which erupted the moment God declared a covenant with Abraham and his offspring. The UN and a large percentage of the world consider Israel to be a racist, occupying state. Rallying behind the Palestinians is today a politically correct way of hating Israel and assisting those who seek her obliteration. Israel is a lightning rod for worldwide anti-Semitism. Rather than attack a Jew, anti-Semites now attack the collective Jew, Israel, while hiding behind the cloak of what passes as social justice.

Security in Israel is a never-ending struggle as all of her neighbors either actively oppose her or at least harbor those who do. Terrorist groups thrive in Gaza, which shares Israel’s border with Egypt and harbors Hamas. Lebanon is home to Hezbollah, which along with Hamas is an Iranian proxy. The ongoing Syrian civil war has opened the door to an influx of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, an avowed enemy of Israel, and to the Islamic State—the burgeoning enemy of all mankind. Since the reuniting of the city of Jerusalem, there have been over 10,000 terrorist attacks in the Bible land. There have been more suicide bombings in Jerusalem than in any other city in the world.

As my dear friend Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly pointed out, the contention is not about a Palestinian state, or the division of Jerusalem, settlements, checkpoints, security fences, or borders. The issue is Israel’s very right to exist as a nation. Most of the Arab world still refuses to accept this simple proposition.


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