America’s Next President Must Declare a Global Ideological War

Hours before the driver of a large truck mowed down more than one hundred unsuspecting citizens in a terror attack in France, James Comey, director of the FBI, appeared before the House Homeland Security Committee. According to Comey, vigilance is vital as lone wolf Islamic State infidels seek ways and means to wreak havoc worldwide. He declared:

“We all know, there will be a terrorist diaspora out of the caliphate as military force crushes the caliphate. Those thousands of fighters are going someplace. Our job is to spot them and stop them before they come to the United States to harm innocent people.”

It is shocking that recent terrorist attacks have been, not from foreign fighters, but rather from Muslim jihadist wannabees. Nice, France is not the first location where the operative, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, with no avowed affiliation has caused murder and mayhem. Coincidentally, Bouhlel was not in the French government’s known-terrorist database.

In 2009, Army Major Nidal Hasan stationed at Fort Hood, Texas, was heard to shout, “Allahu akbar!” as he calmly murdered 13 people and injured more than thirty. On April 15, 2013, two brothers, Tamarlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, planted bombs near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. The bombs detonated, killing three spectators and wounding more than 260 other people. In January 2015, terror attacks in Paris killed seventeen.  

In Moore, Oklahoma, in September 2014, Alton Nobel, a food-plant worker who had recently converted to Islam, decapitated a fellow employee in a fit of rage as he, too, allegedly screamed Islamic expressions. In December 2015, two operatives in San Bernardino, California, went on a shooting spree and killed fourteen. More recently, another lone wolf terrorist targeted a nightclub in Orlando, Florida, taking the lives of forty-nine.

One solution to combating terrorism is for the West to castigate all terrorists as Islamic Infidels. They must be branded with the name that identifies outcasts of the Islamic faith. The cancer of ISIS will metastasize, feeding on global oil to nurture and ultimately change the balance of the contest in the Middle East. The acronym “ISIS” needs to be rebranded as the Infidel State of Islamic Suicide bombers.

The word “Infidel” is defined as: a pejorative [or derogatory] term used in certain religions for those who do not believe the central tenets of one’s own religion. By this definition, those Islamists who do not adhere to the interpretation that Islam is peaceful and choose to shun that part of the Quran could readily be labeled Islamic Infidels.

The centrality of radical Islam is that of power, not peace. The mandate for followers of IS revolves around total submission and unmitigated fear. Islamic Infidels have made the choice to take the path of murder and mayhem, to kill, steal and destroy. Rather than name names or attach labels—IS, Hezbollah, Hamas, Fatah, or other of the myriad of terrorist organizations—why not just leave these jihadists in obscurity and simply call them Islamic Infidels?

They believe we are infidels….We must play the Islamic infidel card on them, and we must persuade the Muslim world to join us, especially since the majority of those whom jihadists kill are Muslim. The war against Islamic terror will not end with the crushing of ISIS, just as it did not end with al Qaeda. It will continue to mutate like cancer cells. To win this war demands an ideological war with the help of Muslim countries. They must join other nations worldwide—including the U.S. and France—in a campaign to stamp out Islamic infidels.

The obsession of wanting to understand “why” Islamic Infidels desire to kill us is part of the problem. The secular humanistic media, by obsessing over the why, elevates the jihadist while it castigates the victim. It makes it seem as if the victims caused the problem while the perpetrators are depicted as both innocent and exploited. The belief seems to be that bad acts must be blamed on societal, psychological or economic circumstances. Or worse, the unspoken mantra: We have met the enemy and he is us.

The Liberal Left believes that attacking the terrorists is the problem. They couldn’t be more wrong. The United States was attacked again and again before 9/11: In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia a car bomb exploded at the U.S. military headquarters (5 U.S. military servicemen killed); bomb exploded outside Khobar Towers military complex Dhahran, Saudi Arabia (19 American servicemen killed); and in June 2001, the Navy destroyer USS Cole was attacked in Aden, Yemen (17 sailors killed.)

Social media outlets have also become a draw for jihadist communicators—Google, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and others. Islamic Infidels worldwide have become adept at employing the Internet as a tool against its inventors—those in the West. Social network sites that allow recruitment of jihadists must be demonized.  

The emergence of a web of networked Islamic Infidel jihadists who propagate their doctrine, distribute their stories and engender loyalty has made the spread of terrorism more proficient and opportune and even more difficult to track, arrest and prosecute. It is time to halt the media exploitation of terrorism and stop giving these terrorists a name and a platform. The same tools used to recruit can also be used to divulge plans for attacks. Globalization could be a vital tool in halting the forward march toward an apocalypse, but only if all world leaders are engaged.

How can we more effectively neutralize the hatred that is vomited up by Islamic Infidels in the Middle East? The United States—leaders, diplomats, and citizens alike—should realize that there is an ongoing contest between the ideology of democracy and that of Islamic sharia law.

The time has come to stop media support of terror, a media whose mantra is, “If it bleeds, it leads.” But why should an insignificant terrorist be lionized as a jihadist superstar? Names should never be mentioned, only that he or she is labeled an Islamic infidel.

Great darkness surrounds the West and the Middle East. Everywhere embedded Islamic Infidels pledging allegiance to IS are watching and waiting for the opportunity to spring into action and take the lives of one or hundreds; it matters not to them. Even a single instance of terror—a single death—brings the desired result: fear.

An ideological war must be waged worldwide; one that knows no borders, rather crossing all international boundaries. Observe how easily Islamic State infidel suicide bombers cross borders in the Middle East and in Europe. That is why the fight against terrorism in any form must first be global. No one is exempt from the hatred and fanaticism which grips these radical Islamic Infidels; we must define ways in which the world community can halt the forward progress of such fanaticism.


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